Wright Move Removals offer a professional and reliable home removal and packing service. Our experience team are capable of packing bulky, fragile and valuable items. You can be sure that we will look after all your items safely, from chinaware to antique's. We have moved hundred's of homes over 40 years. 

Each house remove is quoted on an individually requirement basis, depending on the size of your move and the help required. 

We carry furniture blankets for protecting your furniture and cling film rolls to protect carpets at both ends of your removal. We provide clients with packing boxes and wardrobe box on a loan basis or if you require more, we offer a purchase option too, making packing and unpacking that little bit easier!

Wright Move Removals also offers a range of insurance options meaning you can rest assured that all your valued items will be safe in our hands during the move. 

Contact us for a free quotation and chat about your move.

What next?

  • 5-6 weeks before your move
  1. Think about the date you want to move.
  2. Start planning your move. Contact us with your date & requirements for a quote. 
  3. Decide what you want to take with you to your new home and what you are leaving behind. 
  4. Start ordering new furniture items now.
  5. Think about storage space. We offer short term storage of boxes and large items.
  6. Decide if you are packing yourself or ordering a packing service and plan accordingly.
  7. Start researching your new area or the country you are moving to. If you familiarise yourself with the local community or the new culture ahead of time, the move will be much smoother.

  • 3-4 weeks before your move
  1. Confirm the date of the move with your moving company.
  2. Think about children. It may be less stressful for them to be family, friends or in child care. 
  3. Make arrangements for your pets on moving day.
  4. Take a full inventory and start sorting out your belongings.
  5. Clear out unwanted belongings.
  6. Purchase essential moving supplies.
  7. Start packing items you don't use often and start emptying your freezer.

  • 2 weeks before your move
  1. Notify your main service providers, banks etc.. about your move.
  2. You will need to arrange water, gas and electricity meter readings on the day of your move. 
  3. Transfer your landline phone number.
  4. Arrange for your post to be redirected. 
  5. Organise the disconnection and reconnection of domestic appliances, like your washing machine, cooker, and gas fires.
  6. Plan the moving day. 
  7. Think about how you are going to transport your valuable items, jewellery, money, antiques, pets etc.
  8. Finalise everything with your moving company. Confirm arrival dates, addresses, and think about parking for the removal van.

  • 1 week before your move
  1. Finish packing all non-essential items and clean the house from top to bottom.
  2. Check the loft, garage, and shed for things you might have forgotten.
  3. Put all important documents in one box or bag which you will move yourself –  passports, driving licenses, wills, birth certificates, insurance papers, cash and jewellery.
  4. Defrost and clean your fridge and freezer ready to be transported. 
  5. Cancel any regular deliveries you have, i.e.: milk or newspapers.

  • The day before you move
  1. If you have ordered our professional packing service, please leave drawers and chests with their contents intact. Please point out to the the packers any drawers, wardrobes, cupboards that have breakable items in them.
  2. We cannot transport inflammable material, so dispose of these safely.
  3. Empty your bins; it is your responsibility to ensure that all bins are emptied of contents.
  4. Put together a 'do not remove pile' – Essential things that you do not want us to remove, such as snacks, handbags, or cleaning materials.

  • The Moving Day
  1. Be present when the movers arrive and be on hand to answer their questions when necessary.
  2. Check the condition of your belongings as they are being loaded.
  3. Be available for a final check before leaving your home – meter readings are taken, water and power supply are turned off, and that doors and windows are shut.
  4. Make sure that you do not leaving anything behind. Walk around your property, ideally with the foreman of our removal crew to check that nothing has been left. 
  5. Drop keys off at the estate agents if required. 
  6. Make sure that you have given your contact numbers to our removal team, and arrange a time to meet them at your new home.
  7. If you have requested an unpacking service, please help the team to ensure that items are placed in the correct rooms. You will need to place items such as clothes into wardrobes and cupboards.
  8. We will then arrange for a convenient day to collect any hired boxes so they can be recycled. Normally 1 week after your move.